Data flow server (Repeater)


In the case of remote access two computers connect through a repeater. imPcRemote offers a public repeater to be used by anyone in simple cases.


Why do we recommend you to use an own repeater?
Having fast Internet it is advantageous to install a repeater on your computer. You being its only user, the screen will refresh faster and the connection will be more stable.
If for any reasons (power cut, lack of Internet etc.) your own repeater does not work, the public (central) repeater will provide you constant accessibility instead.

How to set up a repeater

  • Download and install the repeater from our website.
  • Should you use a separate router for the Internet connection (e.g. ADSL, wifi router), you must permit the “Ports Forwarding” or “Virtual Server” function on 5901 and 5500 ports with TCP type data towards the computer supplied with the repeater.
  • Working in Windows, if the “Windows Firewall” is on, you must permit incoming connections on 5901 and 5500 TCP ports in “Exceptions”.
  • If your computer does not have a fixed IP address, you must install a dynamic name manager program like DynDNS or Dynu (see or for more details) which keeps the Internet accessibility (IP address) of your machine up-to-date. Thus, your computer will be available on the Internet with a reference name like
  • After the installation of the repeater, the imPcRemote programs must be instructed to use your own repeater instead of the public one. The steps are as follows:
    • Right-click in imPcRemote Instant ADMIN to name your repeater in the Properties window. Use either a dynamic name or an IP address.
    • In imPcRemote Instant USER there is nothing to do since it automatically configures itself according to the settings in ADMIN.
    • In imPcRemote Manager click to Settings and give the address of your repeater or IP).
    • You can test your repeater with these commands from inside and/or outside of your network:
      $telnet 5901
      or c:\>telnet 5500
      If it does not respond, the ports (TCP 5901 and 5500) are not opened on your router or computer.
      The REPEATER KEY is the decryption string what you can set in your C:\Program Files (x86)\imPcRemote_Repeater\uvncrepeater.ini
      decrypt_key = ….
      If you did not change it from default, please do not set anything in Instant Admin/Prof. Manager app, leave the key field to empty.
  • With the settings complete, test your repeater from either Instant ADMIN or Manager. If you are connected to your client in Windows, you should find the name of your own set repeater as the currently used one in the top right corner of the remote desktop.

System requirements

For imPcRemote Repeater service

  • Operating system
    Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7/8/10, Linux