imPcRemote Instant version

box_instantUsing the instant version you can perform operations on a remote computer while all you need is internet connection and a telephone. The connection process is as simple as possible. The remote user downloads and runs imPcRemote Instant User which generates a 9-digit ID. Then, this ID should be shared with you on the telephone while you start imPcRemote Instant Admin. Entering the given ID into the corresponding field the connection is made. So you can start working with the remote computer right away.

imPcRemote Professional version

box_professionalIn the case of the professional version the first step is the installation of a tray of applications on the other party’s machine. This way you can connect to the remote computer without the other party’s assistance. All you need is internet connection. A manager program offers you ways of connecting which can be organized into groups according to your favour. All you have to do is click. imPcRemote Professional also enables you to registrate secondary users with restricted rights.

Data flow server (Repeater)

Why do we recommend you to use an own repeater?
Having fast Internet it is advantageous to install a repeater on your computer. You being its only user, the screen will refresh faster and the connection will be more stable.
If for any reasons (power cut, lack of Internet etc.) your own repeater does not work, the public (central) repeater will provide you constant accessibility instead.